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Positive Behavioral Solutions

PBS Administration

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.”

Tracy S. Ramos, LMHC

Clinical Director

Tracy S. Ramos, LMHC is the Co-Founder/Clinical Director of Positive Behavioral Solutions. He has over 15 years of Behavioral Health Experience and currently provides overall direction of the clinical department. He is a compassionate, and a pillar for Positive Behavioral Solutions. His overall leadership empowers others to become the best they can be. 

Michael H. Veal, MBA

Executive Director

Michael Veal is the Co Founder and Executive Director for Positive Behavioral Solutions. Michael has over 25 years of experience as a Healthcare Executive and several of those years have been in Behavioral Health.  His philosophy is that we all work together as a team towards one goal and that is to "Help People Achieve Positive Outcomes"


Miranda Johnson

Clinical Manager

[email protected]

Miranda is the Clinical Manager of PBS. She oversees the Mental Health Therapy and Psychosocial Rehabilitation program (PSR). Miranda has over 4 years of experience in the mental health field, including experience in woman issues, adoption, and trauma. She is passionate about using empowerment based approaches with clients. She is the best point of contact for any clinical questions, or concerns regarding services provided, including overseeing and ensuring quality services.

Paula Lupton

Clinical Supervisor

[email protected]

Paula is the Clinical Supervisor of PBS. She oversee the Mental Health Therapist and social workers. Paula has over 17 years of experience in the mental health field, including foster care and adoption, attachment issues, LGBTQ issues, social determinates of health and crisis work and trauma. She has worked as a trainer for many years on these topics and has presented in over 18 state and national conferences. She has a passion for using expressive arts to assist with recover from trauma, anxiety and grief.  

Alexandra Martinez

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Manager

[email protected]

Alexandra is the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Manager at PBS. Her previous years of experience as a PSR specialist gave her the passion she has today to help all of our specialists reach their highest potential helping others in the mental health field, as well as provide exceptional services to meet each client’s individual needs. Alex ensures that all of our PSR clients are receiving the appropriate services and tools to help them work towards restoring and building their social, independent, and/or vocational skills.

Mel Ramos

Care Coordinator

[email protected]

Mel is the Care Coordinator for PBS. He has served the Greater Orlando with over 8 years in the service industry. He is your first point of contact while initiating services, or if you are interested in learning more about our programs. Mel ensures our clients receive excelling care by helping coordinate additional services upon client request and ensuring treatment team communicate well to deliver quality care.  

Juanita Carbajal

Community Relations Director

[email protected]

Juanita C. is the Community Relations liaison, with a Bachelors in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Florida. She has over eight years experience working with the mental health community and is passionate about educating communities and reducing the stigma affiliated with Mental Health concerns. She is your best point of contact for any partnerships, events, or referral concerns.

Jenna Masel

Billing Manager

[email protected]

Jenna is the billing administrator for PBS. Majority of her background is in customer service and hospitality leadership. She now oversees all billing and insurance matters in the office. She has a compassionate heart and enjoys helping others in anyway she can. She is proud to be a supporting member for a team that cares so deeply for the families they service. She is your best point of contact with any insurance inquiries. 


Interested in joining our PBS team? Now currently hiring community Mental Health Counselors in Brevard, Seminole, Osceola, and Volusia county. Also, in search of passionate PSR Specialists in Seminole, Osceola, and Volusia Counties.

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Mental Health Clinicians

Susan Penning, PhD, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker 

I use a multicultural approach to therapeutic interventions which is informed by my life’s journey as a professional in multiple disciplines. Although my approach to working with clients is evidenced based, it is also significantly impacted by my role as a daughter, mother, wife and world traveler. I deeply respect the personal experiences and life paths of my clients and uses their strengths to assist them in growing greater coping skills to enhance their lives. As I have been studying trauma for the last 12 years and lecture on the topic, I use a trauma perspective when working with clients, and this includes addressing both cognitive and body-based memories.   

Carol Roberts, MS

Registered Mental Health Intern

My specialty is working with children and families that are experiencing stress, anxiety, trauma, and any related issues. I have an extensive background working with Christian populations and diverse communities. Most of my field experience involved providing services in the community, working with youth or post adoption families, and guiding individuals with any traumatic life stresses that may have hindered their mental well-being”

Quaisha Horne, MS

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

With a background in mentorship, direct caregiving, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, I utilize an eclectic approach to counseling with an emphasis on nurturing and self exploration. I provide individual and family counseling to all ages with focuses on trauma, pre and post adoption, anxiety, and more. Together, we will increase awareness and growth.

Yoenia Sagrero Bestard, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Yoenia is a behavioral health therapist & assessor at PBS since February 2021. Yoenia graduated UCF with her Bachelor's of Social Work in 2019, and has also gained her Master's of Science in Social Work in 2020 from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. At UTRGV, Yoenia focused her education concentration in Direct practice with Latino individuals, families, and groups. Yoenia has over five years in the social service field in Central Florida with greater experience with children and families. Yoenia focuses on meeting the client(s) at their current social level when experiencing anxiety, trauma, and any other related issues through therapy. Through exploration of emotions, feelings, and other possible options, Yoenia is able to assist client's work towards their personal and professional goals.   

Ashley Hutchinson, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Work Internt

Ashley Hutchinson, MSW is a Mental Health Therapist with PBS who works with all individuals of various diagnoses and is passionate about helping all individuals meet their goals, achieve optimal wellness, and learn/ understand that their mental health can be managed. Ashley also assists with marketing for Brevard County to build a presence and referrals. Ashley is passionate about educating, informing, and reducing the stigma of Mental Health Care for all individuals.

Bria Martin, M.A

Registered Mental Health Intern

Bria has the pleasure of working with individuals, children, teenagers, & adults. Some areas of concern involve trauma, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, and micro-aggressions. While I am an eclectic therapist, some of the theories I enjoy using with my clients are Adlerian, Choice/Reality, Psychodynamic, and Attachment theories. I use a combination of directive and non-directive techniques. I believe directive methods benefit clients because hearing discrepancies between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors aloud can foster positive changes, while indirective methods help clients come to conclusions on their own, further fostering autonomy and building confidence.

Sean McLean, 


Registered Mental Health Intern

My foundation as a counselor is built on empathy, and helping clients develop insight to reach their goals. I work with individuals and families of all ages, and I am certified and experienced in using expressive arts, play therapy, and family & couples counseling. I also recognize and respect the importance of many cultural dynamics and how they contribute to each individual. 

Grace J. Marin,


Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

As a counselor, I feel bringing a nurturing and non-judgmental approach when working with different situations and encouraging strength and personal growth is important for therapeutic relationships. I believe all behavior has a purpose and finding what is motivating the behavior is how we learn to manage difficult situations. Together, we explore avenues towards personal growth and emotional healing. 

Terrell Welch, MS

Registered Mental Health Intern

Chiquita Washington, MS

Registered Mental Health Intern

Vangie Texeira, MS

Registered Mental Health Intern

Kristin Khoury, BS

Psycho-social Rehabilitation Specialist

Kristin Khoury is a PSR Specialists. She has been a PSR Specialist in the field of mental health for 3 years. She went to University of Central Florida for her B.S. in Psychology and graduated in 2014. Kristin recently started her Masters Program at Rollins College for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She would like to pursue the track for Marriage and Family therapy during her time in the program.