"Helping People Achieve Positive Outcomes"

January 2020

Gradual Steps to Achieving Positive Outcomes in 2020

Prioritizing selfcare and welcoming positive influences are resolutions that will surely make 2020 bright!

Setting goals and committing to new routines can be challenging; however, meaningful solutions often come with a gradual pace. Embarking on a personal journey without slowing down for the first steps can cause stress, making attainable goals appear like challenges. End results are commonly considered more than the process of embracing new beginnings, which is why keeping your individual story in mind is a crucial part of sticking with resolutions. Here is a list of three simple steps that will help you combat stress, take control, and increase overall wellness.

#1: Dreams begin with a healthy amount of rest!

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average amount of sleep adults need is seven to eight hours each night. Throughout the day, balancing eventful schedules and completing tasks can cause people to feel drained by the evening. Being alert, less prone to illnesses, and improving communication skills are all benefits of giving your body the chance to recharge!

#2: Breathing exercises calm active minds.

While experiencing tension, stopping for a moment to relax your mind and body can prevent the escalation of a problem. Focusing on the breath, closing your eyes, and practicing awareness of the self can help with reanalyzing situations and being in touch with emotions. Counting techniques or meditation equally allow you to withdraw temporarily from being under pressure, which will heighten your sense of clarity.

#3. Always stay hydrated!

Drinking enough water is a key component of wellness. According to Harvard Health Publishing, an adult should be having 30 to 50 fluid ounces per day. Staying hydrated improves cardiovascular health and supports muscles and joints!

To achieve ideal outcomes, slowing down to take the first steps is a key factor in overall success. Positive Behavioral Solutions Team wishes you a happy 2020, filled with fulfillment, happiness, and wellness!

-Delia Murray