Mariana Carrozza, MA, LMHC

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Counselor/Ashley Park Office

Whatever issues you are having, I provide an understanding and nonjudgmental atmosphere. Your overall well being is my biggest concern and I am here to help. I understand the strength it takes to overcome life's trials, so I am dedicated to assist you in finding optimal happiness. Whether you are facing an obstacle or struggling with self-acceptance, it would be uplifting to assist you in overcoming your barriers.

I assist in the following areas: depression, anger, grief, low self esteem, anxiety, lacking direction in life, sexuality, relationship issues, career guidance, women issues, coping skills, organizational leadership, athletic issues, and blended family issues. I have devoted my career to helping others discover their own strengths, I am so excited that you are taking the reigns and gaining control of your life. It is one of the biggest decisions and I am excited to witness your growth. It is life changing.

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